Hemp is the plant of the future

Good for the planet, this plant opens up new perspectives on our well-being

At Rainbow we build brands that make this future come true

Stress prevents us from being who we really are.
At Kaya, we want to make our lives a little less stressful, thanks to hemp and adaptogenic plants, in very accessible and ingestible products.

Our daily life can be stressful and impact on the natural beauty of our skin: inflammation, blemishes, dull skin and premature ageing. But what if we could keep a nice and serene skin year-round? With our relaxing and certified organic hemp and adaptogenic plant formulas, Peace and Skin offers a feel-good routine that will bring your skin balance and harmony. Relax, breathe and chill!

Plant of the future

hemp is local

hemp needs little water to grow

hemp doesn't need any pesticides

hemp captures as much CO2 as a forest

Well-being applications

Hemp naturally contains 80 different legal cannabinoids with well-being benefits. Every year, new scientific research help us understand how these cannabinoids can help us tackle stress, pain or sleep issues.

Textile disruption

The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters. An extremely thirsty plant, cotton often comes from South East Asia and travels on average 10,000km before arriving in Europe. Hemp fibre could revolutionise this industry by creating an environment-friendly and durable alternative.

Meat alternatives

Finding alternative protein sources is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, yet hemp seed is very rich in protein. Like spirulina and soya, hemp could serve as an important protein source for both human and animal diets.

Together, let’s build a European leader in hemp

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